Imagine…the Beyond…

A talking mouse called Mickey, Darth Vader and those light-saber fights in a galaxy far-far away…are all figments of someone’s imagination.

Once you start generating ideas, do not stop or be content just as yet. Push further, and go beyond. Go beyond that initial idea/s that you started with. It was just meant to get you started. Develop it further, iterate and build upon it. Continue pushing your imagination beyond that first inspiration that ignited your imagination.

“The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible”

- Arthur Clarke

Beyond Today’s Experts…

One of the biggest deterrents (after your inner self’s resistance/fear) to generating those starting/eventual winner ideas, are the ever so confident self proclaimed “experts” who will question your ideas. Do not be discouraged. Ignore them.

Imagine you are a young Walt Disney thinking of creating a storyline around a mouse and a duck that talks, and you come across your “hero” — founder of a successful movie studio, Harry Warner predicting the future of movies:

“Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?”

- Harry M. Warner, Co-founder of Warner Bros., 1927

Or imagine you are one of the young Wright brothers listening to the most revered scientist of that time, or a young Steve Jobs who has just founded his startup with a dream of personal computers in every home, being advised by that “expert”:

“Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible”

- Lord Kelvin, President of Royal Society, 1895

“There is no reason for any individuals to have a computer in their home”

- Ken Olsen, Chairman and Founder of DEC, 1977

What if Disney or Jobs or the Wright brothers had listened to those experts of their times and given up, or stopped imagining the possibilities around their idea?! Thankfully they did not. You shouldn’t either.

When you find yourself dreaming of and imagining the unheard/the “impossible” (perceived to be impossible), remember no idea is wacky enough! It just may not be its time as yet.

Keep going…

The above is an excerpt from the book: “CREATIVITY SECRETS: Creativity Secrets & Musings for Creating Your Own Masterpiece”, 2018, by ABHAY (Wharton MBA, Artist, Entrepreneur).




Creativity secrets, processes, fundamentals & more…to help you take the leap, push your imagination, and create:

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Creativity Secrets

Creativity Secrets

Creativity secrets, processes, fundamentals & more…to help you take the leap, push your imagination, and create:

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